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The BDP Energy team is just an unbelievable source of information and knowledge about everything to do with our industry. They are all fully trained and certified, and are waiting to offer professional advice and help you choose exactly what you need to get your project done. If you would like to join our team, get in touch today.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Founder and Managing Director

Graduated at 22 from the University of Kent, UK, Mr Nitesh Phulwani has always had a passion of entrepreneurship and a keen eye towards business, Mr Nitesh established BDP Energy in 2016, and spearheads all operations.


Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Mr Deepesh Phulwani is an industry experienced personality in the textile and real estate industry of Dubai and Jaipur. As a seasoned businessman, Mr Deepesh Phulwani analyses and executes the financial responsibilities of BDP Energy.


Director of Sales

Mr. Gopal Choudhary heads the sales and lead conversion operations at BDP Energy. Having previously worked with top PV multinationals, Mr. Choudhary brings an aggressive yet comforting attitude with a zest of execution.


Regional Manager (Rajasthan)

Mr. Singh has been with the BDP Group for the past 15 years and is responsible for overlooking the day to day operations of the business.


Director of Engineering & Structural Design

With an experience of over 60mW of Solar EPC, Mr. Janbandhu is well known to execute near-impossible projects and is a proud team member of BDP Energy, along with being a structural engineer providing that extra edge in perfect execution.


Procurement Manager

Mr Umaid Singh is an important member of the team, ensuring shrewd negotiations and on time deliveries at all BDP Solar sites.


Customer Service Representative

Mr Deepak Singh is our customer service head, available 24/7 to quickly diffuse any mechanical or electrical issues.

At BDP Energy, we consider ourselves a family - a family of supportive and experienced hard-workers with your best interests at heart.

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