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On-going and completed

Below you can see all BDP solar PV projects showcasing our expertise, ranging from consultancy, to EPC, and PPA's

Projects Overview: Trade Shows
Aluminum Factory


BDP Energy has completed and installed solar power plants for private factories and industries in North India, of over 2mW in just 2 years of establishment.


Saving over 80% electricity, of as many as 5 top branded schools, BDP Energy is a well known brand in the Education sector of Rajasthan, India.

Graduation Ceremony
Delivery Men


As BDP Energy is based in Rajasthan, the hot weather demands many cold storage units. As these units run 24/7, BDP Energy has successfully tapped into this industry circle, saving over 10 cold storages 90% of electricity savings.

if you wish to visit any of our sites, please contact us to arrange an in-depth visit or know further specific details.

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